Adios, Builder Beige

There’s nothing wrong with neutral paint colors. In fact, I’d say there are no bad colors. It’s just how you put them together. I see so many new homes being built (in fact, I hear hammering now)and sure enough there’s plenty of that standard beige wall and white trim to go around. Room by room by room. House by house by house. It can be a little b.o.r.i.n.g.  

That’s how my client felt about this room. Yep.
IMG 9292

This room is on the left of the first floor hallway.  Like so many new homes, there’s an open floor plan to consider. How is that color going to flow with the rest of the house? What is the purpose of the room?  Conversation?  Study? Home Office? When do you spend time there?

Choosing paint colors can be so complicated, but really, what it comes down to is how you want to feel in the space.

In this case, my client said he would like to enjoy company.  It’s a gathering place.  Excitement, energy and a connection to his culture.

IMG 9358

I chose Benjamin Moore’s Harvest Moon 2167-30,a warm and inviting orange because it was the perfect choice to meet his needs to create a lively space while also connecting to painting he planned to hang in the center of the room. That and the red and green chairs.

As soon as I saw the painting, I saw my color.

IMG 9354

You cannot help but feel enlivened when you step into the room.  I would love to decorate it. Hmmm…heading back tomorrow…

As for the hallway, I chose this wonderful gray, which changes throughout the day and into the evening, but remains calm. It is another Benjamin Moore paint, “Gray Owl OC-52”.  Since it connects to over six rooms (that open floor plan), I go with a neutral color that will complement all the other rooms.  It’s Neutral to the rescue.  I also have a thing for orange and gray combinations.  All trim is from another, yep Ben Moore paint: Vapor AF-35.  White like whipped cream.  Unless I’m at the beach or living in a penthouse, I’m going with the slight off-whites for trim. Why do I feel like drinking a chai tea latte in this room?

I’m trying something new this week.  
I”ll be posting a series of “before” and “afters” room by room of a client’s (who shall remain anonymous) home.  
If you think this orange is bold, wait until you see the color I chose for his home office.  Boldest color I’ve ever chosen.

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