Good Intentions

Smoothies are awesome. They are easy to make and for the most part, a terrific, nutritious choice. That is how this smoothie started out.

Those little black specks are chia seeds. My daughter kept asking me to buy some for her. Super healthy, super hip.

Not exactly like the Chia pets I remember seeing on TV.
I tossed in my new favorite yogurt. I eat this right out of the container.

I also added a banana, some ice cubes, about a half cup of orange juice, and almond milk. I took a big gulp, enjoyed it, but felt it needed something more.
Then I remembered the other item my daughter chose at the store yesterday. The perfect topper:

It’s good to have an emergency can of instant joy in your frig.
Thanks Hal, delish!


2 thoughts on “Good Intentions”

  1. That canned whipped cream is pretty low calorie bang for the flavor buck. (OK, that sounds weird, but you know what I mean.) The boyfriend and I will often eat just a plate of berries with whipped cream for dessert….yum!

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