Science Fair Hero

You gotta love elementary school science fairs.  Where else would you find a question that poses “which drink makes a plant grow faster:  Diet Pepsi, root beer or water?”

IMG 8722

And never in my wildest dreams would I think Diet Pepsi would run neck & neck with water.

What happened to root beer?
What happened to root beer?

That’s almost scary, actually.  Almost makes me never want to drink soda again.  It’s like that nail that gets dropped in a bucket of coke:  it disintegrates.  I tried it once.

But what I really like at the science fair is seeing Hank, my most adorable son, catapult pieces of red oak across the room, almost taking out the art room window.   Favorite quote of the night:  “CLEAR THE AREA!”

IMG 8717
Original thinker at work.


He didn’t get the top award, but he’s an original thinker who won the attention of a few girls and parents that night.IMG 8718

He captures mine everyday. ❤

4 thoughts on “Science Fair Hero”

  1. Totally enjoyed this blog, Stephie (by the way, why did you dress up Hank in girls clothes for your ID picture?). You took me back a few years to when my own kids were in the science fair. One year, I was even a science fair judge. I like his catapult idea and getting the attention of the girls had to be better than any blue ribbon!

    1. Well thanks, shenrydafrankmann! Are you telling me you can see a family resemblance? That is actually me at age 6. I’m really glad you’re enjoying my blog. Thanks for saying so.

    2. Whoops I thought I answered but it didn’t go. I am so glad you are enjoying my blog and thank you for telling me that. Nope I guess Hank and I look more like then I realized. That would be me at age 6.

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