Sermon from The Driver’s Seat

“Muddy waters, let stand, becomes clear. ” – Lao Tzu

what cars?Nobody likes sitting in  traffic.  I’m stuck in it right now.

20 yards forward.  Brake.

30 yards forward.  Brake.

Yeah, it’s not what I have planned and  now I’m delayed. Been there before though.  It’s Christmas time. Traffic happens.  So do long bathroom lines during holiday travel.

There’s plenty of stuff we cannot control.

Traffic.  The weather. Other people.

Let go of the  stuff you can’t change.  Like traffic.   The woman in the red Toyota Prius understands.  She had her windows down, music on and fingernail polish out.  A nice blue color, too.

what traffic?

I had to roll down my window and share my thoughts.  I’m sure I initially scared the crap out of her when I yelled “EXCUSE ME!”

So, to help her feel a little less threatened, I smile and shout “You are awesome!

She yells back: “What else am I going to do?


“Muddy waters, let stand, becomes clear. ” 




2 thoughts on “Sermon from The Driver’s Seat”

  1. Hey Stephielou,

    I Found your blog, fun read and of course I had to share it on my facebook!
    Good thing about painting my nails in traffic: I definitely gave them enough time to dry… 😉

    Have a great day,

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