Color Palette Inspiration: A Dog, Some Grass And A Fire Hydrant

Dogs don’t care about color palettes, but there’s something about a shiny red and silver fire hydrant that seems to always beckon Max to baptize it.   And he never declines the opportunity.  Even if he’s on empty.IMG 8237

I cannot blame Max.  I’m drawn to that fire hydrant, too.  That silver and red standing in a sea of sandy bermuda grass and a splash of pristine white and coal black scream “perfect color palette”.

It wakes your senses. Maybe even brings out happiness.   There’s such  powerful energy around it.   Imagine this color palette in a kitchen.  Or a child’s room.  Or the attic.  Or a restaurant.  The possibilities are endless.

Neutrals need color and color needs neutrals.

That’s my little sermon for the day.

Color Your World,





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