Little Bird Has Wings

One day, I’m hoping this lovely home will be mine. It’s over 120 years old.  My kind of house.  Lots of living lived here.  And great architectural details you don’t see everyday.IMG 7732

It is in need of some love.   I think I am just the woman to love it well.

Our home for the past nine years is on the market. We are the original owners.  We took very good care of it. It will be hard to leave. There are so many memories made here.  I’ll take them with me.

Life keeps on moving along.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from being the daughter of a Navy veteran, moving is hard, but you adapt and grow.  And it’s usually interesting.

Little Bird still has wings, Dad.





4 thoughts on “Little Bird Has Wings”

  1. Ah…..the best thing about old houses is that there’s lots of character. The worst thing about old houses is there’s lots of “character”. Trying to do anything often becomes an exercise in creative problem solving. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Good luck with it!

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