Eggshells Are Our Friends

IMG 6825
From the News & Observer, Raleigh

My daughter loves crushing eggshells.  She told me to give this job to her.  I think she’s unleashing something.

IMG 6824

This is about the right size to sprinkle around tomato plants and other little friends in the garden.

IMG 6826

I tossed it everywhere.  Deer do not like the smell of eggs.  Can’t say I blame them.  The eggshells are a natural fertilizer and it’s much faster to grind them up and toss around the garden.   Don’t go the tea route as explains here:

Crushing Shells
“Instead of making a tea, you can crush eggshells and add them directly to the soil in your garden. Collect shells throughout the winter so that you have an adequate supply at planting time. Wash and dry the shells to remove any egg residue. Place the shells into a food processor and process until a powder forms. Wear a dust mask when crushing the eggshells so that you don’t breathe in the eggshell dust. Stir the powdered shells into the soil or potting mix just before planting. Gillman suggests using five shells per plant. You can also sprinkle a handful of shells into the planting hole before you set a plant root ball in it.”

Ok, I just tossed them.  Next time I might grind them in the blender, but what fun is that?  And it’s so loud.

This is good to know, too:

“Plants need calcium to thrive. Calcium helps the plants develop a strong cellular structure. Calcium deficiency is visible in young plants, because the leaves are twisted or have black spots, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The plant’s overall growth is stunted too. In fruiting plants, such as tomatoes, a lack of calcium is evident when the fruits develop blossom end rot, or a thin, dark spot on the bottom of the fruit. An additional benefit of eggshells in the garden is that larger shell pieces help deter slugs. The sharp edges of the shells irritate the soft bodies of the slugs.”

Oops.  I think I overdid the 5 shells per plant limit.   What’s a little extra calcium?

IMG 6827

Eggshells also make excellent facial masks.  I’m going to use this powder and add some egg whites to see what happens.

IMG 6829

Every once in awhile, you just need to pummel some eggshells.

Why do I feel like Unikitty?

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