Before And After: My Front Door

Yes, I’m embarrassed.  My front door looks a bit weathered.   I’ve been planning to clean it up for longer than I’m willing to admit.

IMG 6660

It took about two hours (over a two day period).   One hour for the first coat of paint:

First coat painted.
First coat painted.

I let it dry for 24 hours and then applied a second coat of my favorite paint in the world, Benjamin Moore.

IMG 6670
AFTER. Tarrytown Green HC-134, Benjamin Moore Paints

It’s warmer and inviting.  Goes great with red brick.  The black door was pretty in its day, but this color is welcoming.IMG 6672

Here’s a close-up of Tarrytown Green.  It’s a fantastic green hue.  I keep finding myself buying things in this color.

Tarrytown Green, HC-134, Benjamin Moore Paints
Tarrytown Green, HC-134, Benjamin Moore Paints

IMG 6673

18 thoughts on “Before And After: My Front Door”

  1. I’ve always loved orange. Have 2 orange handbags. However ya know the hipomeowners will get cha.. This ain’t Montclair where people appreciate diversity and a little individuality!

  2. Hi Step,
    can you tell me what is the name of the door handle? We will built a flat and we we will have the same nice door but I cannot find a similar door handle like you have in germany.
    Bg Malte

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