Mechanically Challenged

I tried for more than 10 minutes to attach a blade.  And then I figured out you had to remove the white thing on the razor.  Yep.  I thought I could make the razor blade fit. IMG 6606

I was feeling victorious until I realized the cover still needed to be removed.  It took me a few tries.

If you’re mechanically challenged like me, even disposable razors are a hassle.  I’ll spare you the agony.  I’ve broken down the steps to success.  You’ll never struggle with another razor again.

Three steps:

Step 1

Remove the  white, plastic thing.

Turn the blade around, place your  index finger on the round thingy and push up.  It will loosen the blade.

Push up and blade comes off.
Push up and blade comes off.

Step 2

Attach the new razor blade.

You must push that thing up again.

Step 3

Slide the clear, plastic cap off.  

Do not attempt to lift it off.  That makes the blade fall off.

There's only one exit.
There’s only one exit.

And that is it!

Best of luck!

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