Jewelry Cleaning for Pennies

Yet another winning homemade recipe to try!  And it only takes ten minutes.  Just don’t drink it.  Instead, dig out some tarnished silver jewelry and drop them in this pretty mixture:


Here’s what my pile looked like before I placed them in the bowl:


Ten minutes later…


All the ingredients are probably in your kitchen cabinets somewhere.  You will need water, baking soda, dishwashing liquid, salt, a bowl and strip of aluminum foil.IMG 6321When I saw this in my local paper, (The News & Observer), I jumped up and tried it a few minutes later.

homemade jewelry cleaner.jpg

Every Saturday in the Home and Garden section of the paper, Joyce Clark Hicks shares fantastic ideas from readers.  There’s always something worth trying.

I had to share this one.


My earrings were screaming for a cleaning!

IMG 6335

“Thank you! Thank you!” they cried.


And then I put a pair on.

It felt good to wear them again.



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