I Called

That’s a rather bold statement, don’t you think?IMG 5927Any condition?  With cash?

“How now, brown cow?”

I had to call and see who proclaimed this.

And so I did.

I get a recorded message coming from what could be any female Disney character:  “Hi and thank you for calling.” “We are currently busy helping other customers…”

Darn.  I was hoping for a live person.  But then again, I could still dig a little deeper.

“If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time.”  I press #1.  Someone always picks #1.


“Thank you for calling K & ?? Realty,” says a pleasant male voice.

His voicemail is over two minutes. Basically, he can buy your house, but if it’s in disrepair, which it usually is, then he has to go out and buy stuff to make it sell better.  So he can’t pay you full price.

What was I expecting?  I’m not sure, but there you go.   If you happen to live in my area of the world and see this sign, then you know the story.

Don’t sell your house.

Just doing my part to make the world go round.

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