Creating Color Palettes

Aside from the fact that this is a fantastic, fresh cucumber from the garden (with a sprinkle of sea salt),  I see a fresh and inviting color palette.   IMG 5451  It makes me think of a summer cottage by the sea.

Jute (placemat), white, creams, pale yellow green and a dash of red. It feels nautical.

So I try  a google search using exactly the the colors just mentioned.  This is the first image I see:NewImage

Bingo.   This is really close.

I’d want a little more white and less dark brown , but the color palette conveys an airy, cheerful and peaceful space like I imagined when I first noticed the plate of cucumbers.

If you’re trying to figure out some paint color palette for a certain space, start by look around you, or right in front of you.  There are countless combinations around us.   This is the advice I give to my clients.  Pay attention to your surrounding and what moves you.

Discovery often leads to action.



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