Janis Joplin and Dairy Queen

I shall hold the memory of last night for years to come.  It had been a tough, long day.  I was ready to pull the “Hey,  who wants to go out for Mexican?” card by 5:00.  In fact, I pulled it and suggested it to my husband.  But, I was too wiped to act on it.

Imagine that.

Haleigh, my 14 year-old daughter, has restaurant radar.  Literally, less than a minute after my suggestion, she pops out of a wall and says:  “Did you say “La Rancherita?

Happens every time.

12 year-old Zoë would rather not go out to a loud restaurant.  She’s prefer to eat at home.

Happens every time.

So I make my Mexican summer super fast salad:  black beans, avocado, corn, Rotel diced tomatoes cilantro and lime dish.  It’s a hit with everyone except Hank, who prefers  to keep his dinner entrees  limited to four specific choices: chicken nuggets, pizza, spaghetti o’s with meatballs or a hot dog.

Love those little stinkers.  They are such a mixture.  There are many, many, many days when they collide and it’s not so enjoyable.

Making an easy dinner at home was what we needed though.  Sitting around the table eating and laughing at each other.  Love it when the stars align and suddenly all is better.

While the amnesia is in full effect, I do what any sensible mom would do:  Pack up the kids for Dairy Queen!

Because it’s summertime and why not?

So…chocolate-dipped ice cream in hand and melting quickly, I pull out of Dairy Queen, happy, happy, happy.   Happy to be happy.

Haleigh is in the front passenger seat across from me and we are singing.  Singing loud, singing proud.  She plays a favorite Janis Joplin song from her iPhone:  “Piece of My Heart”.

This song requires one to let go if one really wants to feel it.   And oh, we were both feeling it.  At the top of our lungs.  Windows down, voices up.  And up, and up.  Letting go.  That’s all it was.  Just letting go.  Beautiful thing when that moment is shared with your child.  And she’s loving it as much as you.


Thanks Janis.


Thanks Haleigh.

Here’s the song:


2 thoughts on “Janis Joplin and Dairy Queen”

  1. Great post! Made me think of the time we got chicken fried steak at Threadgill’s in Austin….oh, about a million years ago. 🙂

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