Trust at Chick-Fil-A

There are few restaurants my brood will agree upon for lunch on the run: Chick- Fil-A.   So last week, with summer break officially in full swing, we went.

It was like it always is when I go there at lunchtime:  chaotic, crowded, but moving and efficiently managed.  The staff was on it.  “Refill?”  “My pleasure…”

They circulate.

Well, here we were, the scene was bustling. There was barely a place to sit.  Lots of moms and kids, retired couples, friends, workers, but off in this corner, looking so quiet, was a table full of technology.  A macBook, smartphone, car keys, purse and bag, all left alone.

chickfila.JPGI knew it was the manager’s corner.  She came over once to shut her computer while asking the elderly couple in the next booth if they’d like a refill of their sweet tea.

Some might think she was foolish for leaving her valuables out like that.   Vulnerable to so many strangers.  That’s what my daughter felt.  For me, it restored something.  I like it when people trust strangers.

We strangers do know when that trust is bestowed upon us.  And it feels good to be trusted.  It creates connection.

We watched while we ate for 25 minutes.

The table remained untouched.

It may not always be that way, but I’m glad to witness trust among strangers any day of the week.

2 thoughts on “Trust at Chick-Fil-A”

  1. So, how’s the new MacBook?
    I like CFA for many reasons and the atmosphere all comes from the company’s moral attitude, as well as commitment to customer service. Lots of retail are copying the ‘My pleasure’ line. Says a lot!

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