Why I Eat S’mores

And so it begins.

IMG 4377

S’mores are not my favorite thing to eat, but I eat them anyway.   I like the feeling of community, sitting outside in the dark, eyes twinkling, fire glowing and talking with a mouthful of  s’mores.  Hard to beat that.

Everyone has a method, too. I dangle my marshmallow just above the flames, hoping to keep it from catching fire, but not too bothered if it happens. My daughter likes to toss one in the fire so she can watch it expand and melt all over the log. Imagine that classic (and former nightmare material) movie, “The Blob”.

Then comes the snapping of graham cracker squares, scooping the marshmallow off some stick your son found in the dark, and sliding that warm, gooey gop on top.

Final touch comes is the best part in my book: breaking off a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate square and placing it on top…thinking “wow, this is a serious mouthful.

So I ask you, how can I possibly resist a s’more?  I cannot!

IMG 4376

Your Thoughts...

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