One Lucky Husband

My daughter and I were driving to her ballet class yesterday afternoon when we spied this gorgeous Porsche and license plate. At first we were a bit confused. What exactly is this driver trying to say with “WIFE14ME”?  I had a few ideas I wasn’t about to share with my 12 year-old.   Wife #1 or “Wife won” ?

It took me a minute when suddenly I knew exactly what it meant and the story behind the license plate.  Even the car’s owner.

Last December,  I went to a Porsche exhibit at the art museum.  There were all kinds of Porsches on display.  I wrote a post about it.   I remember seeing the raffle sign in front of the exhibit.  Mostly everyone around me wasn’t interested in paying $100 + for a ticket.  Except for this guy’s wife.  She purchased a raffle ticket as a birthday present for her husband.

She won.
20140529-000158-118825.jpgCan you imagine?

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