Corner Lot Reserved

I never know when my inner spray-painting weasel will appear, but when it hits, I’m like a rabid dog in sight of a human.  Well, maybe not that extreme, but something goes off.  I  see the possibilities and I must do it now.  Kind of scary, I know.

Yesterday, I used the rest of the Valspar Outdoor orange spray paint that I bought last year for my patio furniture.

IMG 4029

“Blame in on my ADD…” the job eventually gets done.  Even if it’s a year later and I use it for a pair of chaise lounges my generous neighbor gave to me a few weeks ago.  Somehow she knew I’d find a home for them.  I wasn’t crazy about the darker metal finish, but that’s easy enough to change.

It takes minutes.  Just wipe it clean and spray in a steady, straight line, about 6 inches away.  I sprayed in my  sequined Fit Flops.

Common sense can be so overrated.

IMG 4028

The painted lounger now resides in private corner on my back porch. It could use  a painting job, but  I like it in a distressed-porch kind of way. It’s peaceful here.  Blending in with nature.

IMG 4038

The shutter is from a local strawberry farm’s old house, which no longer exists. My Bombeck Sister and I managed to pry a few off (with permission) before the bulldozers came and destroyed the home.  😦

I’m glad to have a small reminder of the farm here.  Trips to the strawberry fields each season live on.   I spray painted it, too.  Glossy black.

Thanks for the chairs, Brid.  I now have the perfect place to read on my porch.

I hope Lowe’s still carries this color.  I ran out.

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