Vroom, Vroom!

Working in the garden this morning, I got a chuckle out of a game I’ve started to play.  It’s called:  “NAME THAT CAR.

Ok, I just came up with that name for the post.

But, based upon a few factors like speed, engine sound, and oh, a general “vroom, vroom” (I’m no mechanic), I’ve gotten pretty good at it.  The funny thing is  I didn’t know I’ve actually been playing this game for years.

You don’t think about it, but we all do it in some way.  We get used to seeing the bathroom light on in our neighbor’s house every night around the same time.  We see the walkers walk their paths.  Apparently, I listen and identify the cars that drive by my house.

So this morning, I heard the beamer coming and instantly guessed it was  that sporty BMW M3 series with Dr. Ferranti behind the wheel.  He likes that car.  I can’t blame him.   Then there’s my best friend, Steph T.   Her SUV has a distinct sound.   More like a truck.  If you combine that with the consistent speed,  I know it’s her.

The garbage truck is out there now.  Haven’t seen the mail woman, but I hear her truck off in a distance, starting and stopping, starting and stopping.   Same goes for the UPS truck.  But that’s more of a “fast brake. engine off, BAM” kind of sound.

I think my dad used to do this as a teenager.  I remember hearing how he could name the make and model of a car (back in the 1950’s) as it drove by his house.  Apple never does fall far from the tree, does it?




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