Operation Blue Truck


The blue truck is still around!   It’s been a year since I posted “Blue Truck Spotting” on my blog.  I’d give anything to have a truck like this.  It’s a classic.

I love the roundness of it.  The colors: blue, gray and rust.  How about that tire?  You never see a tire on the side of a truck anymore.

Instant flashbacks of Clint Eastwood driving away from Meryl Streep in the rain from “Bridges over Madison County. ”  This time, I spotted it in the CVS parking lot in Cary, NC.  Just so happens I was heading inside.  With my teenage daughter.  So I had to show restraint.

coolesttruck.JPGI scoured every aisle.  Someone in the store had to be the owner.  I was like a  S.W.A.T team commando.   “Come out, come out, wherever you are…!”   No luck.  I thought about asking the cashier to make an announcement, but my better judgement dismissed that brilliant plan. My daughter shot me a look.    “Mom, can you help me find white eyeliner?”  Back to reality…

First spotting in 2013.

By the time I returned the parking lot, it was gone.

It’s not like it’s Clint Eastwood’s actual truck from the movie, Bridges of Madison County, but it evokes the same yearning and sadness.   Who can forget Clint driving away in the rain?

Just in case you have or don’t know what I’m talking about…

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