Creatures of Habit

Habits get a bad rap.  Even from a chinese fortune cookie.  More reminders.  “ I know, I know…”

IMG 2797

I read it and think I’d  better be careful not to let my bad habits take over. Because once I do, it’s really hard to break the habit.

The trick is keeping the good ones and kicking the bad ones out the door.  Not easy.  Not fun either.

Every New Year, I reevaluate my habits (so habitual).  And I get rid of a bunch of bad stuff while driving my family crazy.  “There she goes again…”

It’s all good stuff, but is it habit-forming?  Hell no!   It’s hard!  Because it’s a forced habit.  I wish I were inclined to love such good habits because I love the results, but the truth is, my good habits often require sheer willpower, no matter how fantastic the results are.  After awhile, the habit of drinking green tea (instead of black) just becomes annoying.

Bad habits slowly, silently unravel us though.  No question about it.  We lose perspective or gain perspective (depending how you see it), but can sink into an abyss because now the habit is an addiction.  Oops.

The older I get, the more habitual I get.    These are probably here to stay:

  • Swallowing my medication by violently whipping my neck back for a pill smaller than a grain of rice.
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Ponder
  • Laughing at it all.   What else can you do?

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