The Transformation of a Desk

I purchased this desk for $10 last summer at The Dorcas Shop in Cary, NC. I saw creamy paint and brass knobs in its future.  I also thought it would be for my son, but it was too small.   There’s always Plan B.  Yay, Plan B!IMG 8475

I cleaned, sanded, wiped and painted it with glossy cream paint.   One coat later…


Paint:  Woodrow Wilson from Valspar (Lowe's)
Valspar’s Woodrow Wilson Presidential White 7006-15 in high gloss


I let it dry in the porch for 24 hours. No bugs.


Just so happens I purchased a bag of six solid brass knobs at Thrift n’ Gift in Cary.  Because you never know when you’ll need six brass knobs.    I needed three for this desk.

Solid brass knobs from a local thrift store completes the purchase.
Solid brass knobs from a local thrift store completes the purchase.

The desk makes me happy because I have a place in the midst of chaos now.   I like what my friend Maura says: “It’s your Mom station.”  Exactly.  I need a place to sort school stuff, schedules and anything needing my attention.  The kitchen table wasn’t cutting it. I’m more territorial of my personal space the older I get.

IMG_2794I’m very pleased with the outcome.  It’s the right size for me. It looks like this area is starting to turn into a little school house.   Even comes with lockers and a school house pendant.  I do believe I have a thing for a school room atmosphere.  Hmmm, not sure what that’s all about, but I like it.  Feels cozy. The school forms are getting filled out faster now.  

If you’re thinking about a small purchase, consider the thrift stores.  You’re probably helping your community and you get to create something beautiful for a very reasonable price.

BeforeIMG 8938After


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