Valentine’s Day with Thomas D. Horton

Just in case Valentine’s Day isn’t romantic enough for you, be happy you’re not stuck with Thomas D. Horton.   He wrote this book.  In 1945.   IMG 2612 Thomas had some issues.

Here’s an excerpt about women as dinner companions: IMG 2614If I were having dinner with Tom-Tom, I’d make sure to eat the biggest steak, mashed potatoes, iceberg wedge with blue cheese dressing while washing it down with a few glasses of pino noir before ordering coconut cream pie.   I would also remind Tommy there is no cocoa in coconut.  Just in case he was wondering.

I think I’d leave it there.  No after dinner drinks with Tom.  I might get a rash all over my face, lose my feet and reveal  the details of my love life.

Like this poor woman:IMG 2615Do you think Tom ever wonders why so many women eat and drink so much around him?    I have a few theories.

I’m not sure where the illustrator received his artistic training, but this drawing scares me. A lot. IMG 2620Well, she does have long lashes.  What’s not to love?   Better than some ‘selfies” I’ve seen on Facebook.

This last drawing might be my favorite.   I just like the juxtaposition of the little secretary (who looks more like a nurse) to Tommy Boy.IMG 2619

Exquisite perspective

She sure showered him with drugs.  No wonder he’s holding his head up.  Look at all of those bottles.

I think she had a plan, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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