Color Transforms Space

I’ve been organizing my “before and afters” for my color consulting business. Seriously, what fun! The comparisons are dramatic. I love before and afters.  Thought you might like them, too.  All the pictures are mine.  You are welcome to use them.  I don’t know how to write my name inside the picture box.  Anyone?

BEFORE…The room had no identity.  It was the room where you put stuff you’re not sure about. Even though the walls and ceiling were white, the room appears dark and kind of drab.IMG 6970

AFTER  (SHAZAM!)IMG 2299The room comes alive!  The color is “Buttered Yam AF-230” from Benjamin Moore.  It is now a home office for my clients.  You cannot help but feel energized when you enter this space.

A few more views… IMG 6964

IMG 2304
Desk is from West Elm.
I’m depressed just looking at this corner.
Same corner of the room. Paint: “Buttered Yams”, Benjamin Moore. Trim: “White Dove”, Benjamin Moore

The next comparison illustrates the influence a ceiling can have in a  room.   Most people don’t give ceilings a second thought, but I’m a ceiling fan.  Sorry.   I had to say it. Ron Barnette of Barnette Painting  will tell you he needs a neck brace because of me.

Check out this next before and after comparison.


Beautiful home, beautiful room, but my clients were tired of the blue and wanted something more modern.   Do you see the cream ceiling next to the white molding.  Not bad, but not quite the look they wanted.

AFTER: IMG 2526 2


Makes me want to stretch out with a cup of tea, a blanket and a  book. Going with a dark gray ceiling and pale gray walls actually warms up the space. The fire doesn’t hurt either.

Look for the occasional post of these before and afters.  Maybe someone will give color a chance.  I’m on a mission to color the world one post at a time.

Ok, not really, but kind of really.

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