Game of Marbles


I hadn’t played a game of marbles since 4th grade.  I remember the game well.   It was me against Norman MacGrail on the dirt in front of Adele’s house.   I was down to one marble and it was my favorite; a  clear, white one.  A perfect ball of glass.   Norman was better than me, but I beat him that day and saved my marble.

So when the weather started to spoil a few days of outside play for my son, I grabbed the jar of marbles we recently purchased at our local toy store, Brilliant Sky, some string and taught him how to play.

Ready, aim, fire!
Ready, aim, fire!

It wasn’t long before Hank mastered the technique.


So…how does one play marbles?

I confirmed with  thelandofmarbles. com.    The game is called “Ringers” and you can learn by watching their video here.

Marbles have been around since the Ancient Egyptian days.  That’s kind of cool.

I really like this picture and post from fellow blogger, Angel Selden, from her blog, Nourishing Genius:

“The famous developmental psychologist Jean Piaget noted long ago, in a classic study of children playing marbles, that children acquire a higher understanding of rules when they play under their own direction than when they are directed by adults. Adult direction leads to the assumption that rules are determined by an outside authority and thus not to be questioned. When children play just among themselves, however, they come to realize that rules are merely conventions, established to make the game more fun and more fair, and can be changed to meet changing conditions. For life in a democracy, few lessons are more valuable.”*

I’ll try to remember that next time I play a game of marbles with Hank.

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