“When I Grow Up…”

IMG 2171

Zoë wrote this in 4th grade.  She’s in sixth grade now.  She doesn’t want to be a lawyer anymore.   She says she wants to  join the New York City  Ballet and become a principal dancer like Sara Mearns.

Sara Mearns

Ballet consumes Zoë’s entire being these days.

December 2013
December 2013

Wow, Sara and Zoë look like they could be related.

At age four, Zoë told us she wanted to drive an ice-cream truck when she grew up.  She planned to drive to our house and give us all of the free ice cream we wanted.

We were all for it.

Zoë and her ice cream in 2005.
Zoë and her ice cream in 2005.

What did you want to be when you grew up?   Did you become it? I wanted to be a police officer.   A detective.  Like Nancy Drew.

Tenacious Nancy with her magnifying glass.

One thought on ““When I Grow Up…””

  1. Zoe has always been thoughtful and thought-provoking! So cute from the get-go! I’m sure that she will succeed at whatever she endeavors if she doesn’t change her mind! I wanted to be a singer/actress – I worked at a television station and have been singing all my life. I wanted to be a flight attendant – I worked for the airlines and saw the world as a Navy wife. I wanted to be a wife and mother – I’ve been both for a good, long run! Never dreamt of owning a marina, but it’s been full of challenges and interesting experiences!

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