Tree of Steel

The hawk is real.  The tree is not. 20131228-205606.jpgIt’s not a tree, actually.  It’s  a “dendroid” called “Askew” by creator and artist, Roxy Paine. It’s made entirely of metal and it stands next to the North Carolina Museum of Art.

It beckons.

I wonder what the hawk thinks.  The temperature and texture must feel different from other  tree limbs.  And it shines so bright.

 Two hours earlier, the hawk was perched on another structure along the walking path, causing many to stop and snap some pictures.

So I followed suit.  20131228-205706.jpg

And then I wiped out.  I didn’t see the raised, round light fixture. It was an ugly, slow fall.  I don’t fall pretty.   Kind of like a foal learning to stand for the first time, only I’m going down. A few bewildered men came running over to help me.  I told them it looked more serious than it felt.  My hands took a hard hit, but strangely, not one other part of my body felt the impact.  I should have felt something.  I didn’t.  Adrenaline?

There’s always something to see out there.  It’s nice to stop and notice.  I think it makes us happier.  Just watch where you’re going.


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