Got the Green Light

IMG 1731

I found it at an antique store in town. It was under a pile of stuff, dirty and heavy.   Mostly because it’s thick glass.   At first I could not tell exactly what it was.  I didn’t really care though.  The color won me over.  When I held it up to the light, I recognized that shade of green (although it’s really more blue) and realized I was holding glass from a traffic light.  Just to be sure, I did a little research.

I noticed this sticker on the edge.

IMG 1745

Turns out Kopp Glass is “the largest supplier of clear and colored glass lenses and pedestrian panels to the traffic signal market.” (   They make  8″ and 12″ ball traffic lenses.   Looks like mine is 12″.   I couldn’t find any like this one exactly so I’m not sure how old it is.  I bet the shop owner knows.  He had something of a photographic memory.   

I think I’ll figure out how to hang it on the wall.  I like the color and I like the symbol of it.  Green=GO!   Go, Dogs, Go!”


One of my all-time favorite books. 🙂  Go Dog! Go!


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