IMG 1037

My children often ask me why I take pictures of ordinary objects.   Who would want to take a picture of a bunch of dumpsters?  There’s beauty in everything, even dumpsters. That’s what I tell them.  And there’s always a story.    Why are they all lined up next to each other?  Why so many? Are they for sale?  They are near a site that’s currently being excavated for a future mall.   Perhaps they are on standby.

I never noticed so many green dumpsters together.  That’s what caught my eye.  And they are not all the same.   Each one has a distinct look, or perhaps this is stretching it, a personality.  I like the dark green shiny one placed in the middle.  My favorite is the smaller one on its left.  Looks like a boat.

IMG 1036

Whatever the case may be, there you go:  dumpsters on the side of the road.

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