Doctor 20 Heads

Somewhere in my conversations with my son, Hank, I must have said “two heads are better than one.”  I think it was in reference about working together and letting another person participate in solving a problem.

IMG 1145

It wasn’t long before Dr. 20 Heads was created.  If two heads are better than one, imagine 20.   I love my logical son.

But don’t sit on your laurels, Dr. 20 Heads.  Dr. Six Arms is armed and dangerous.  And very nearby.

IMG 1147

He’s still smiling in spite of a 19-head decapitation.  That’s one tough doctor.

IMG 1148

Maybe Dr. Six Arms is actually a hero.

Some of those faces look a little sketchy.

IMG 1149

I guess we’ll never know now.

Nathan Sawaya, Hank’s favorite Lego guy,  recently posted this link from 20 Things You Didn’t Know about Legos.

20 is the number of the day!


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