Millipede on the Sidewalk

It’s migration time for millipedes.   I spotted this little fella during a morning walk last week in my neighborhood.

IMG 0772

You can’t just walk past him and not be amazed by his prehistoric-looking shell and many brilliant yellow legs.

How many legs does he have?  Anywhere from 36-400.  They can come in handy during their migration season.  I didn’t know they migrated, but Orkin is happy to sound the alarm bells for us:

“In the fall, millipedes often migrate. They move out of their normal habitat. Scientists suspect they may be trying to get ready for winter. However, millipedes have also been seen migrating after a heavy rain has flooded their habitat. During these migrations, millipedes often find their way into homes.” 

That last sentence sounds ominous.  What will they do when they get there?   Infest it?  I’ve never heard of a millipede infestation in  anyone’s home.  Seeing a bunch of them together changes the whole picture though.   Then it becomes like a scene in a horror movie.  I would most definitely scream if I walked into the basement and saw a ton of them squirming around.

See ya!

So, is it really that common?  No, but they are considered pests in Australia and have been blamed for a recent train crash there.  Investigators found hundreds of them at the scene of the accident and think their sliminess around the track played a role in the crash.

For most of us, there’s nothing to worry about.  They don’t bite and they prefer wet leaves or damp areas.  If they make it inside your home, they most likely will shrivel up and die in a couple of days.  Unless  you have a damp basement…


2 thoughts on “Millipede on the Sidewalk”

  1. SteffieLou: I love your biology/zoology?? lessons. I work on the premise, if they leave me alone, Ill leave them alone. (again, except for earwigs.)

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