Boootiful Halloween Night

It was balmy and a bit wacky.   One of the most enjoyable Halloween nights in our neighborhood.  It’s the one night of the year we let loose, dress up and shock each other.   And transform our homes into haunted houses.

Our house is situated at the top of two levels of brick stairs, anchored by two flowering plum trees at its base.  Perfect for a scary entrance for those trick or treaters.

It didn’t look so scary here, but there was a still a web to contend with and the kids loved having to duck in order to get to their candy.

IMG 0851

Speaking of ducks,  gotta love his Duck Dynasty costume on the left.  And it just gets better behind him.

boy from the hood
boys from the hood

Within a few minutes the entrance began to transform.

IMG 0864
Check out the milk jugs I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

It started to feel a little creepier as the night grew darker.  I think the Pandora “Halloween Metal” station frightened a few parents and toddlers.  Then there was the spider web.   I did post a “dare” sign, but Medusa got caught in the web anyway.  She had to take her snake wig off. Oops.

IMG 0867

And that is reason #4 for loving this season:  Dressing up and being silly.  I was a rainbow, hippy chick. That’s what happens when you decide you need to dress up for the meet and greet about five minutes before they start arriving.  A clown wig, hippie glasses and a jumpsuit I bought off the streets of NYC over ten years ago find their way home.


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