The Cosmos Flower: Sun, Moon and Stars

There’s a filipino grandfather living in the the neighborhood who never says hi when I shout hello each time I pass by. Sometimes he gives me a wave with his cigarette or grunts at me.  His face remains stoic. I’m sure he’s wondering why this pesky blonde insists on being so friendly.   I just like that he sits out on his front porch everyday, smoking his smokes.  In the summer, he keeps a white towel over his shoulder.  He wipes his neck.

I love him.

So, on Sunday, when I was out taking pictures of the flowers in the front yard, he walks by. Slowly, he shuffles by in his slippers, smoking his cigarette.  Just as he’s about to pass my house, he suddenly swats at the big bunch of cosmos flowers at my border.

I think he likes them.  Maybe I’ll bring him a bunch.

A couple of weeks ago, I took a picture of some white cosmos flowers in my front yard thinking how chilly they looked.


They are still there, but now they look warmer.


I was curious about this “October flower”.  Turns out this is their month to bloom.   I had no idea.  I waited patiently all summer, watering them and watching them grow and look like webby weeds.

They can get really tall.  This one grew out of the tree stump after I tossed some seeds in there.  At last, in September, I could see buds forming.


At the center of the cosmos lie the stars.  They are perfectly formed and interlocked.  Incredible, isn’t it?


Kind of reminds me of Chicken and Stars Campbells Soup.

Cosmos flowers can thrive in just about any condition, but prefer not- so-fertile soil.   That explains why mine are thriving.  Lots of clay here.

The flower originates from Mexico and was named by Spanish priests who admired their color, balance and beauty.20131021-215853.jpgMaybe that’s what draws me in, too.  I could (and do) get in a trance. They make me smile.  I think those yellow stars have something to do with it.

4 thoughts on “The Cosmos Flower: Sun, Moon and Stars”

    1. Thanks! I was so surprised to see those tiny stars. I just saw the grandfather again this morning. Smoking and waving his hand at me. 🙂 I’m bringing him flowers today.

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