A Message to Washington

Yesterday was simply beautiful.

My first glimpse of the morning sky stirred me. There was a stark difference between the green leaves of the tall oaks and maples and the royal blue sky.  Hank reminded me about “red sky at night, sailor’s delight” when I told him how blue the sky looked.  Sure enough, last night’s horizon had some reds and pinks.

It wasn’t long before I was outside taking in the cooler temperatures, light breeze and the newspaper.  Always peeking on the flowers, I noticed some new zinnias in the yard.  I was lucky to capture this shot of what looks like, a triple insect pollination party.

Very unexpected.  I watched them for about 30 seconds and found their harmony inspiring. They were sharing the flower. Grasshopper was keeping his cool, baby bee was bravely sipping some nectar the honey bee barely looked up. An odd trio to me.

I imagined how nice it would be if Congress could follow their lead.   You don’t see Grasshopper or the bees all up in each other’s business.  All from different backgrounds, but able to reach an understanding.   You know they can see each other really well with all those eyes, but there’s no bickering about territory. They take what they need from the flower and no more.  And then, just like that, they move on.

About an hour later at a local park, I’m watching Hank and a boy he just met in the sand. In under a minute, they strike an agreement about working together to create a canyon with a tunnel. 20131020-135726.jpgLike a pair of pros, they worked side by side, for over half an hour showing nothing but cooperation and compromise.  They could teach Washington a thing or two.

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could send a few elementary children to Washington so they could show Congress how it’s done?   I bet it beats blaming everyone and getting nowhere.

Share, be kind and play nice.

Easy peazy, lemon squeezy.

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