Breakfast Is Served

Really.  I step out to my backyard to take some more pictures of the flowers when I see this lovely orb weaver eating breakfast. Fascinating.  A bit much, but fascinating all the same.

IMG 0498

I’m coming to terms with this basic fact:   Spiders love my back yard.   Really creepy ones that you don’t want anywhere near you.  If they bite, it’s not pretty.  I googled it.

Last month it was this little fellow, a Funnel Orb Spider, as it turns out.  Not interested in biting humans, but if it did, you’d remember.

IMG 9334

They are really big and hairy spiders.

I’m just glad I didn’t walk into her web.  I was this close.

IMG 0505

Another view- the ventral side.  Check out that tummy! That’s a stinkin’ big spider in my yard.

IMG 0503

I’m going to start wearing a veil.

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