My First Grade Story

Two of my three children, who shall remain nameless, have had or still have a rather strange fascination with “elimination”.    At times, I’ve been concerned since it could easily border on obsession.    Then I found this old story in my desk and had to laugh.  It’s mine.  First grade literature at its finest.

IMG 6685

IMG 6686

To this day, I’ve always wondered how the man looked when he slipped out of the bathroom.   My story never explained what exactly the “lady” eliminated.   I’d like to think she tinkled, but I have a feeling it was more.  In fact, it’s probably the whole reason behind the story.  I do remember feeling relieved he didn’t get flushed down the toilet.

I love my teacher’s comment, too.  What else could you write to a student after reading that?  I’ve never forgotten how to spell “ladies” either.  Thank you, Mrs. Rafetto.

Clearly, my children come by their fascination honestly.  I think I do, too.  I’m not naming any names, Mom.

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