Watch Out For The Webs

Last night I dreamed about spiders.  Flying spiders.  I wonder why.

IMG 0080

I believe the walk I took a couple of days ago had something to do with it.

The morning fog revealed the beauty of some very industrious spiders.

IMG 0084

If I were a spider, I would love to live in a house like this.  Very modern, roomy and mysterious.

Spiders seem to be like-minded.   With all of these webs in the same bush, one can only wonder if they socialize.

IMG 0085

Do they meet for coffee, talk about the kids, discuss design and what’s for dinner tonight? They probably talk about how they have to get up and make a new web again.  Because some kid walked into it.

I hope they have a day to relax.  Webmaking is no walk in the park.

IMG 0082

Whatever the truth is, I enjoy seeing these webs.  They are a reminder of the beauty and complexity of life all around us.

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