Easy Earring Transformation

My sister gave me these lovely earrings for my birthday.

IMG 9818

The only problem is they’re a little heavy for my ears.   Years ago, one of the hoops I was wearing stuck to my sweater.  Ever since then, I’ve avoid earrings that pull my ear lobes down.

Here are the earrings before  the transformation.

IMG 9822

They don’t look that heavy, but they are for me.   I have issues.

I really liked the earrings, but I knew I wouldn’t wear them unless I lighten their load.

I visualized how they would look if I removed the heaviest part: the oval mother-of-pearls.  I liked what I saw.

I grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers I bought for my daughter and removed them.

IMG 9825

It took about five seconds.

Voila!  An easy and pretty transformation.  I like the metal finish.  There’s a vintage feel to these droplets.  Now they remind me of those earrings I love in Robert Redford’s Sundance catalog.

IMG 9827

Easy on the ear, too.

IMG 9838

I’m not sure what I’ll do with these two ovals, but y sister’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks…

IMG 9842

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