Black and Yellow Garden Spider

Now this is a spider that doesn’t scare me.  It’s a perfectly harmless and perfectly helpful black and yellow garden spider.

IMG 9815

I love the  vibrant yellow and black design of these spider.  They are always upside down.   And how about that intricate web she’s weaved down the middle?

These garden spiders have the most beautiful webs.  Be careful though.  They make big ones between plants and walkways.  There’s nothing worse than walking into one and getting web all over your face.  I’ve done it several times. And I freak out every time. Now I wave my hands around as I walk between my two plum trees in front of my stairs.

That’s a zinnia, not a dahlia.  I  called them dahlias in previous posts.  “To err is human…”

I still haven’t heard back from the exterminator about this spider that I found under some rocks in the back yard a month ago. I think it’s a European Garden Spider.

IMG 9334

What do you think?  Is it a European Garden Spider?

Even if it is, it still unnerves me every time I look at it.  That hairy belly. That long, red and black stripped leg on the left.

In my quest to learn more about them, I found a couple of habits that remind me why I’m not so partial to spiders.

This is  from

The Final Act!

The female garden spider will sometimes eat the male spider after mating, but not usually. Rather the male garden spiders will usually mate with several females, and then often die from starvation and exhaustion, since they spend little effort feeding while searching for females.

The garden spiders diet consists of whatever they can catch in their webs. The garden spider will eject poison into their prey and eat almost all of it, eventually sucking out the liquefied contents of their prey’s body.

That’s just gross.  Fascinating, but gross.

So I thought I’d share it with you.

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