Rosemary Rocks

IMG 9604

I have a rosemary bush the size of a small tree in my back yard.   So when I saw this post from,  I thought I’d give this steam facial a try.

I remember doing a few steam facials with my big sister when we were teenagers, too.    They always made my skin glow and feel tingly. I never knew about adding  the rosemary though.  Apparently it acts as an astringent and cleanses your skin!  Not to mention,  the aroma is an excellent way to clear up some congestion.   It certainly is a intense aroma.  I love breathing it in.  Even if it makes me crave a roast chicken and potatoes.

Here’s what you do:

So while you’re boiling the water, wash your face and clip some rosemary.

IMG 9618

Get a big bowl.  More coverage!

Now, pull off all the rosemary in one fell swoop and toss it in the bowl.

IMG 9619

Okay, I added another piece.   I don’t think you need to, but that rosemary bush needs some serious pruning.

IMG 9603

It never dies in North Carolina.  Rosemary and parsley all year round.

After the water comes to a boil, pour it in the bowl.

IMG 9622

You will really smell  rosemary now.  Grab that towel, have a seat at the kitchen table and breathe it in for about five minutes.  I had to lift up the towel a few times because it was a bit hot in there.  The best part about it is the powerful aroma.  I could feel my lungs open and they seemed to appreciate this sudden titillation.   I could feel my pores opening, too.  Overall, a very happy camper.

Here’s the right after picture.  Notice the mascara smears.

IMG 9630

Can’t do anything for those lovely lines, but I feel refreshed and relaxed like I was at the spa.  And I kind of was. I created a little ambience and had a cup of tea waiting.

That’s all there is to it. Give it a try.  Or consider these perks listed below:

  • relieves itchy scalps.  I have an itchy scalp sometimes.  Especially in the winter.  Not sure if I want to smell like rosemary .  It’s a pungent smell.
  • soothes muscle ache.  Throw some in your bath.
  • boosts brain power.  Yep. According to this Huffington Health Living post, a new study suggests that rosemary’s aroma can increase your memory speed and accuracy.

I could always use a memory boost.  I think I’ll start adding rosemary to my dishes at home.  In fact, here’s a favorite from the Barefoot Contessa:  Rosemary roasted potatoes.  Seriously yummy.

5 thoughts on “Rosemary Rocks”

      1. I have also heard that rosemary boost your memory. That is why I have begun to use it in meat dishes. Sage is also good for memory enhancement. I am going to do the rosemary steam. Sometimes I put rosemary into a pot of water and let it simmer a while, just to simply to release the aroma into my home, and I do the same with sage. But my favorite aroma is Eucalyptus.

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