No Regrets

I felt a twinge of uncertainty when I returned to the warehouse to pick up these school lockers mentioned in my May 29th post, “Industrial Design“. It had been over a month since I last saw them.

IMG 7534
At the warehouse.

I had second thoughts. The lockers looked more like they belonged in a school or this warehouse instead of my home.  I was on the verge of some serious  buyer’s remorse.

Too late now.

Compounding that uncertainty with the undeniable fact that I alone would be driving these babies home in my neighbor’s nice, relatively new truck made my locker adventure seem like a not-so-thought-out plan.  It seemed reasonable and even clever at the time, but in hindsight, I think I was in a locker coma.

And I loved the color.   Coolest green lockers.  Must. Have. Them.IMG 8496

One slight snag in the plan. The lockers needed a touch-up.  I never noticed that the end locker was half green and tan.  Oops. Dwayne (pictured above) said he could fix that problem.  He and his co-worker could spray it if they still had a can of spray paint in specific green.

They did.

IMG 8501
Overlap and don’t hesitate. Unless you want drips.

A few minutes later, they lifted and loaded all five lockers onto the truck bed.    IMG 8507

Dwayne is laughing because I told him my husband didn’t think I needed this rope. He had tried to convince me to leave it at home but my internal voice screamed “YOU WILL NEED THIS ROPE!”

It was the only rope I needed.     Know-it-alls annoy me.

This is Stephanie, my friend and seeker of all cool, fun and original ideas. She is not a know-it-all.  She found out about this warehouse on Craig’s List and convinced me to go with her.  She is a risk-taker.  

IMG 8504
Go Steph!

She is very happy that her lockers slid in her SUV without a hitch.

Brave Steph, mother of four, did an extraordinary thing.  She offered to drive her SUV behind my truck and would call me if the lockers started to move around.

We drove along the highway as large, thunderstorm clouds gathered and the sky darkened.  I called her a couple of times, relieved to hear “you’re good, girl!” before I could say anything.  I rolled down the windows, turned on the radio, and sang along.   This plan wasn’t so crazy after all.

The lockers never moved.

It was a proud moment when I pulled into my driveway.

IMG 8508

I think somewhere along the Interstate 540, I realized I liked driving a truck.

It was a memorable afternoon with Stephanie.   When we arrived home safely, we were giddy and probably quite annoying to my husband. He noticed the rope though.

So, how do the lockers look now?  Well, judge for yourself.


I love them. No regrets whatsoever.  It’s as if this space was just waiting for them.


The lockers are a big hit.  Hank loves having his own lock and key.  He locks and unlocks his locker everyday.

IMG 8950

He picked out locker #44 because 4+4=8 and that’s how old he’ll be in a couple of weeks.  Makes perfect sense to me.

These lockers are exactly what this space and family needed.  Now there’s  a place off the kitchen to manage the school forms, coats, backpacks, musical instruments, legos, shoes and coats. And whatever else isn’t supposed to be on the floor.

IMG 8944
Home Sweet Home


6 thoughts on “No Regrets”

    1. I realized they had to be near the hub of the house. That old black bookshelf that used to hold all my cookbooks is now a Lego display near Hank’s room. This space needed balance. Too many tall and short things. Now I think it’s less of a rollercoaster effect and much more balanced. Thanks Jeanne! xo

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