Hank’s Lemonade Stand

I think my son has a future in the business world.

IMG 8421
Hey. Real Cheap.

It’s ridiculously hot outside.  Business is really slow, but when a car passes, Hank yells:  “Lemonade for sale, lemonade for sale!”  Determined to earn money, he sits and waits for any sign of movement.

A minivan slowly pulls into our neighbor’s driveway. He recognizes their car. That’s all it takes before Hank is on foot in pursuit of them.   If they cannot come to his stand, then he will bring it to them.  Did they even think they could escape Hank?

He skips over to their front door and rings the doorbell.

He is polite, but direct: “Hey, you get a free flower if you buy a cup of lemonade.  And the lemonade is cheap.  Just 25 cents. Want to buy some?”

They promptly buy 3 cups of lemonade and three chocolate chip cookies that his sister Zoë made for the sale.  She’s no fool.  She knows Hank will make it happen.  50 cents a cookie, too.

IMG 8424
water break

He comes home a very proud and satisfied business owner. Minutes later,  he throws in the towel.  Just maybe, the weather won this tug of war.

Hank is a realistic businessman.

There’s more than one way to earn some money…

“Hey Mom, can I wash your car tomorrow?”

Onto greener pastures.

3 thoughts on “Hank’s Lemonade Stand”

  1. Wonderful! I think he comes by his tenacity honestly! Wish Hank was near enough to wash my car (only the interior, as the rain has given the exterior a daily washing!) I’d love to put him to work and spend time with him too! Love his exuberance!

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