“Hey, Save That For The Garden!”

I’m turning into a Repurposing Queen. I cannot seem to go anywhere anymore without repurposing something.  It started to concern me a little when I saw this Real Simple tip for keeping the gardening tools clean.

Today I executed the project.   It took five minutes. The scary part is where the sand comes from.  It’s excellent sand.   Very fine.  And there’s a heaping pile of it on the sidewalk in my neighborhood.    The rain has left this.

Sand bars aren’t just for the beach anymore.
Lego Commando checking out the scene.

I walked up there today and scooped up a couple of buckets.


Builder’s sand is super fine and dense.   This must have weighed 15 pounds.

I found an old terra cotta pot and some very worn out tools.


I didn’t have any mineral oil, but I still have a bottle of baby oil and it smells terrific.


Good garage air freshener, too.

There’s no place like home.

It doesn’t stop there.  Everything is up for inspection.

Case in point:  the broken rake.  IMG 8454

The handle snapped off.  Normally, that would go directly into the garbage can.    Not anymore.  It makes a lovely cucumber trellis.

The handle, a  strong stake for the tomato plants.

It’s a nice headboard I  do not need anymore.  Until my OCD mind sees it as a trellis, too.

IMG 8455

And then there’s the old baby gate.   It was gnawed on by babies and dogs.

IMG 8459

Cucumbers like rough surfaces.  They cling to them more.

Max, my terrier, is a most excellent garden warden.

IMG 8460

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