During my recent trip to Philadelphia, there was a car show in my old Conshohocken neighborhood.

IMG 7694

She reminds me of a Hot Box Girl from the musical, “Guys and Dolls“.

Probably because my daughter was a hotbox girl in her middle school’s production this year.

IMG 6026

That’s my daughter in the middle.  Isn’t she adorable?  She will kill me.  But she never reads my blog.

IMG 5996

Okay, back to the cars.   This color gets my vote.  It’s the perfect car for making out at the drive-in.

IMG 7687

This is my favorite car.   It needs a little TLC.

IMG 7692

I think I just stepped out of a time machine.

IMG 7688

Back to reality.  Not much has changed since I left 16 years ago.

IMG 7693

It wouldn’t be a complete trip to my hometown without seeing an Eagles banner.  It wasn’t that hard to find.

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