Camouflage Confusion

This truck was in the parking lot of the place where I bought my lockers last week.

IMG 7538

I’d like to meet the owner, I think. I have a few  thoughts and questions.

1.  Are you a hunter?  Does the camouflage  really fool the animals.   

2.  Did  you paint it yourself?  How long did it take? What kind of paint did you use?

3.  Are those cream leaves in the right front (passenger side)?

4.  If another car crashed into your truck, could you blame the driver?

5.  Your car really stands out.   Kind of ironic.

6.  I noticed you painted everything but the headlights.  Even the Ford emblem.  Do you cover the orange lights in the woods?

7.  I think your truck is kind of cool.  But I’m a little freaked out, too.

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