Industrial Design

Relay races!   That was my first thought when I eyed these swivel chairs on wheels.  I tested them out.  They are fast and the ride is smooth.  You can raise or lower the seat.

IMG 7543
“Ready, set, go!”

Bought them for $10.

With a little elbow grease and a can of spray paint,  they are going to look like props on the set of “Star Trek”.

I bought these lockers, too.  $250 for five.

IMG 7537

They are the real deal.  Six feet tall, 60 inches in length, 15″ in depth.   The perfect mudroom for a family of five. Somehow, I have to figure out a way to get these home.   They don’t come apart.

IMG 7532
Anyone have a truck? A big truck?

Here’s a peek inside.

IMG 7535
Just needs a mirror and a Leif Garrett poster.

That’s seems about how I remember my locker.  Except my was brown.  Not so pretty.

I didn’t buy these, but I thought they looked cool.

Don't mess with these clamps.

I bought a rolling cart, too.  $40.


And then I saw this in Real Simple last night.   $829

IMG 7634
Nice, but I would never pay over $100 for a cart.

Perfect for serving drinks, appetizers or anything you need to push around.   It doesn’t cost $829 either.

Mine is a little more industrial:

IMG 7645
I think I shall paint it bright yellow.

If you live in the Triangle and you’re  interested in hunting around for some good bargains, give Tria a call!

IMG 7642
Tell her Steph F. sent you. She’ll remember me.

They have lots of good stuff.  Biggest fans I’ve ever seen for $75.  Lockers, carts and other odds and end that might meet your needs.  Or wants.  Or both.

Thanks to my awesome, fun, dear friend Stephanie, who suggested we go here in search of lockers and who knows what.  I can’t believe I bought all this stuff the day before I threw a major garage sale.

Out with the old…in with the old.

5 thoughts on “Industrial Design”

  1. My locker color changed every year. They were red (freshman) blue (sophomore) yellow (junior) and orange (senior). Fun memories. You can buy that cool locker decorating stuff they didn’t have back in the day! Drink cart is way cool….I’ve been looking for something like that.

  2. Gosh, just now figured out how to leave comments… Love the lockers.. Can’t wait to see where you put them and how everyone uses them…

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