Cabinet Transformation

Sometimes, one of the perks of  running my own color consulting/design business is unburdening my clients with a piece of furniture they no longer need or want.  Such was the case in March when one of my dear friends (and great client), Tracy gave me this cabinet.

IMG 5502
Welcome home, liquor cabinet.

My vision:  a liquor cabinet.   I’ve always wanted a liquor cabinet.  Neither I or my husband are big drinkers, but after watching three seasons of Downton Abbey, I was so ready for my own little setup.  So I carried it to my house.

I moved it into the dining room.  There it sat for a couple of months.  With some fake, red flowers.

IMG 5512
Looking a little colonial in here. Zzzzzzz……

I tried various arrangements.  I go all out.

IMG 5515
Better, but still zzzzz………..

I knew it needed a makeover, but I wasn’t exactly sure how I should approach it.

For a couple of months, it sat like this. Should I go neutral and make the room feel even more colonial?   Black?  Cream?   Nice, but somehow none of those choices seemed like the perfect choice.  The other furniture in the room?  A black dining room table, a black sideboard (that I painted in 2007),  black, modern pendants, a vibrant, red rug.

The wall  color?  Farrow and Ball‘s “Pigeon”  paint.  it’s a favorite of mine.

Check it out here.

All the trim, and another favorite of mine is “linen white” from Benjamin Moore.

Check it out here.

So, I did what any sensible paint color consultant would do.  I went with super glossy BLAZING ORANGE from Valspar (Lowe’s).

IMG 7443

My reason for orange?   A few, but let’s start with the inspiration.

IMG 7454
Inspired by those coral hues.

I bought this painting at Home Goods for $29 a few years ago.  I bought two of them, actually.   After painting the walls in pigeon and creating a calm atmosphere,  it needed some warm, accent colors.

That’s when my inspiration hit me over the head and I knew I was going to pick a color similar to this:

IMG 7422
Tucson coral leads the pack.

Only I didn’t make it to Ace Hardware, which carries Benjamin Moore paints,  this past weekend.  I went to Lowe’s.   It was time to check out this Valspar paint.  Like Gramma always said, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat….”

I picked up a few other items, including a $6.98 cabinet roller and tray, plastic drop cloth, and some painter’s tape.

IMG 7496
The transformation team.

It’s a good deal.   Valspar’s paints are available as primer/paint combination, too.  Saves you the time to prime.

IMG 7476
There’s even a $5 rebate for a gallon of paint.

But it didn’t save me.  I already started priming and sanding before I bought the paint.  I’m not a patient girl when it comes to projects.

I’ll walk through the steps.  My mother wants to know how I did this.

IMG 7410
The garage or basement is a better choice than outside. Bugs stick to paint.

I put on a pair of rubber gloves and went to town with some steel wool.   Much smoother.

And much grayer.   Next time, I might try fine sandpaper.  I used steel wool because I read somewhere professional furniture refinishers  prefer  steel wool. The finish is smoother.

IMG 7414
Not nearly as bumpy. It matters.

Wipe the piece really well with a soft, wet cloth.  I use an old toothbrush to clean up the hard-to-clean spots.  Let it dry completely.

IMG 7415
sanded with steel wool. Tape those knobs or take them off. I taped them.

I used two coats of primer.

IMG 7418
The transformation has begun!

I used a watercolor brush from a children’s watercolor paint set to get the tricky, smaller spaces.

IMG 7420
After one coat of primer.

After letting it dry for 24 hours, I could not wait to apply the orange paint.

Here’s the first coat.

IMG 7445
That’s blue painter’s tape on the knobs, Mom.

And here’s the main cabinet after two coats of glossy paint.   Great coverage.

IMG 7444
I’m loving this.

Once I figured out the paint color, I knew what kind of knobs I wanted.

IMG 7452
“Prismatic knob” from Anthropologie, $8

$8 from Anthropologie.  Well worth the investment.  I needed two.

Anthropologie has to be one of my favorite stores for knobs, hooks or pulls.

This is why.

IMG 7428
Just a sample of the many eye-catching knobs.

These and many more.   It’s hard to pick.

IMG 7429
You can spend a long time here. Bring a snack.

I like my choice.

IMG 7451
Almost there.

After letting it dry for another 24 hours,  I added some finishing touches.

IMG 7460
Not sure it’s suitable for the Earl of Grantham, but it works for Stephielou

One more angle.

IMG 7499
I love gray and orange together.

Must have the  before and after comparison.


IMG 5511


IMG 7498

What do you think of the transformation?

10 thoughts on “Cabinet Transformation”

  1. Stephanie – I love it….that color/ knobs are gorgeous!!! Thanks again for your help with my screen porch….we all love the new arrangement!

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