Peony Perfection


12 years ago I found myself in the hospital battling some unknown virus. On my sixth day of hospitalization, a friend brought beautiful pink peonies to me. I was quite ill.

I remember focusing on these flowers and promising myself, that one day, when I was healed, I would grow this beautiful flower in my yard. Their beauty gave me strength and helped to dissipate the doldrums of being confined to a hospital bed.

Finally, after seven years of unsuccessfully trying to grow them in my backyard, the first of hopefully many peony blossoms are opening up.
This is the first one.


4 thoughts on “Peony Perfection”

  1. We have a row of old peonies along one of our fence rows, the blossoms always our Memorial day visitors. I get a chuckle watching the ants work diligently to open the flowers. We are always cautious to cut a blossom and bring it inside. There are always ants that come in with the flower.

    Beautiful story as well as a beautiful flower.

    1. I went outside today to check on the peonies. Sure enough, the ants were working very hard trying to open up the others. It’s kind of fun to watch the process. Thanks for the compliment about the flower and the story, too!

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