Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry season is here. I look forward to picking them every spring.

IMG 7358

It’s also the ONE fruit my son will eat without any resistance.

Lucky for me, there is a strawberry farm literally down the road: Phillips Farm of Cary.

IMG 7337

Simple enough to follow.

IMG 7340

A common scene throughout the month of May.

IMG 7342

This woman says picking strawberries is one of her favorite purchases.  She’s on wheels. Wow, she’s prepared.  I bend over and show my underwear to the world.

IMG 7345

Seeing this mother and daughter picking strawberries together makes me smile and feel nostalgic for those days I took my brood to the fields.

IMG 7349

We still go, but lately, I’m the bearer of fruit.

It’s all right.  I kind of like the scenery.

IMG 7351

Rows and rows of strawberries. I feel like I’ve stepped back in time again.

Suddenly, red bursts through and redirects my purpose.

IMG 7354

IMG 7356
Strawberry flower
IMG 7362
No color filter needed. They are this red. And sweet. And mouth-watering.

For those who live locally.  Or within a couple of hours,  it’s worth the trip.

IMG 7338
C’mon down!

They are by far, the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever had.   I’m sad when the season ends.  They are that good.

I had a Momma Sue poundcake sample.  Her son says she’s been making it for years.  I can see why.  It’s that good.  Perfect accompaniment to fresh strawberries and cream.

IMG 7339

Stop by and see them.

IMG 7365

And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

You might spot a farmer on his tractor, too.

IMG 7366

You won’t regret it.

IMG 7364

In the middle of picking, the church bells ring to indicate it’s noon.   What happened next caught me by surprise.  In a very nice way.
Watch at your own risk.  I was trying to provide a panoramic view of the farm.  However, I am most definitely not a professional videographer, so beware.

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