Opinionated Zoë

This is my daughter, Zoë.  She has never minced her words with me.

IMG 6636

“I am not a historian.  I am a fifth grader who learns a lot about wars.”

Zoë’s response to me when I tell her she’s explaining the reasons behind the Revolutionary War like a historian. 

And she certainly has her opinion about Common Core State Standards in Math:

“We have to draw a picture for EVERYTHING!”  It’s ridiculous. At first, I liked it, but now I’m like “are you kidding me?”  How is this supposed to make us smarter?”

But my favorite at the breakfast table this morning:

“She’s an elementary teacher and she looks like she’s ready to hit the club.”

Oh my.  Don’t ask me the name of the teacher.  She wouldn’t tell me.   She likes the teacher, but not her style.

I think Zoë is ready for middle school.  Maybe she’ll be a teacher one day.

 She told me to stop trying to teach her on the weekends though.   “It’s too  much.”

IMG 7148
She’s been leaving the family these kinds of notes since she started writing.

7 thoughts on “Opinionated Zoë”

  1. We can learn more from our kids then we ever imagined pre-children! I can’t wait till my son can speak in complete sentences, I’m sure if he had the ability now he’d be spouting out profound knowledge lol

  2. Wisdom and humor beyond her years — english teacher and writer in the making. That is what my seventeen year old wants to do. Alyssa, my girl, has been making similar comments for as long as I can remember. I am going to be laughing about that teacher comment for the rest of the day!

    1. Yep, she’s always had an old soul. She loves to read and write, too. It will be interesting no matter what area Zoë persues. Right now she’s determined to be a ballet dancer for the New York City Ballet Company. Glad to make you laugh! She cracks me up, too.

      1. Seems like ‘determined’ is a word to add to ‘opinionated’. Ballet is a tough road, but I bet you know that. But one has to be willing to dream if they are going to succeed.

        As I have had children and grown older, it is the children with old souls, the ones who look me in the eye and return my wry smile, who I love to be around. And they usually seek me out. I always walk away with a smile on my face.

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