The Dogs Next Door

This is Cooper.  He lives next door and spends most of his time in the back yard.

DSC 0018
“If you must take my picture, show my paw.”

I love this dog. Even if he wants to eat my miniature poodle or terrier for a snack.  I’m not sure he knows they are actually dogs.

They kind of look like stuffed animals.

IMG 7081
“We are innocent. Whatever it is, we are innocent.”

Ellie has ADHD.  So does Max, but he’s in denial.

IMG 7082
“I’m not with her.”
IMG 7084
“He won’t talk to me anymore.”

“What happened to all the good times?”

And then there’s Kaylie.  She lives next door with Cooper.  She’s the boss lady.  That’s fine by Cooper: ” Whatever Kaylie needs, Kaylie gets…”

DSC 0014
“What? What’s the matter? What’s up? Got any coffee?”

I love Kaylie, too.  She works hard being in charge and keeping all of us safe.

Here she is in younger days.  January 2009.  She’s stunning.

“I see everything.”

Here’s’ Cooper that day.   Just a big, floppy, lovable goofball.

"Who ready to rumble?"
“Who ready to rumble?”

He so chill now.

DSC 0016
“Got any blues or Bob Marley?”

Cooper can sing the blues.

If he hears a siren, he’s howls like a hound.   I think he a Black and Tan Coon Hound and maybe something else.

Love that dog.  Just don’t eat the poodle.

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